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Welcome to where the PEEK biomaterials revolution began

Plastic Machining Inc. Life Science Grades (LSG) are designed specifically for the Medical, Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology markets. They save OEM’s the time and costs associated with biocompatibility testing and regulatory approvals.

Medical metal parts have been used successfully for many years. However, they are not without their challenges – from breakage and screw loosening to accelerated degeneration at adjacent segments. The high stiffness inherent with all-metal constructs are believed to contribute to these clinical challenges and negatively impact patient outcomes.

In response, surgeons have indicated that a range of PEEK components would benefit patients. PEEK material machined from PMI are increasingly being used as an alternative in the medical field these challenges. These semi-rigid constructs bridge the gap between very stiff metal components, screw, and dynamic stabilization constructs. For more than a decade, PEEK Polymers from PMI have been utilized in medical procedures, predominantly in the form of load-bearing cases. Today, PEEK is the most popular biomaterial for interbody fusion devices for several reasons:

  • Mechanical strength
  • Modulus similar to cortical bone
  • Imaging compatibility
  • Bio-compatibility
  • Fatigue resistance


Application Overview

PMI’s broad range medical materials, technology, and expertise enable manufacturers to advance care across many medical specialties.  Whether it’s cardiovascular, dental, orthopedic, plastic or reconstructive surgery, ophthalmic, oncology, sports medicine, trauma, these are all areas for medical device manufacturers rely on PMI to offer a range of services from prototype to production, light assembly, to complete product development.

  • Proven Applications

    • Used to replace existing solutions made of stainless steel, Titanium and glass or ceramics
    • Dental instruments
    • Fixator equipment
    • Surgical grips
    • Targeting devices
    • Isolating parts
    • Endoscopic equipment
    • Minimal invasive products
    • Applications for tablet production
    • Sliding and wear parts for pharma handling and packaging
    • Anaylitical and diagnostic equipment
    • Biotechnology and laboratory equipment

Decades of Meeting Customers High Performance Requirements